Registry FAQs

I love your stuff. How do I open a wedding registry? 

The first step is setting up an appointment! Call the store at (801) 582-4462 and ask for Sarah to open a wedding registry. You can also email us at From there, the party really begins. We will invite you into the store at a time that works for you and you will get to imagine up your dream registry. We will work with you to help create a registry you adore. We like to take our time with our brides and create the perfect registry, which is why we conduct in-person appointments. However, if you live far away we can create registries over the phone as well.


I'm in love with a china pattern I don't see on your site. Can you get it? 

Yes! We can order almost anything. We carry so much more than what is pictured on the website. We order from a wide variety of porcelain companies. Everything from French to English, to Scandinavian, and American-made, we can get it. If you give us a call we can get to work on making all your wishes and dishes come true. 

Here's a sample of the companies we represent. 


I'm building a traditional registry with crystal and silver. Do you offer that? 

Absolutely. We carry silver from Ercuis, Reed & Barton, and Wallace Silversmiths. We also specialize in Waterford, Juliska, and Rogaska crystal. You can see lots of these products in our Salt Lake store, but we can order so many more for you, so if there's a setting you adore, let us know. 


How do my friends buy gifts? 

If your friends live nearby our store in Salt Lake, they can, of course, come right in. All the girls on the floor know the ins and outs of every registry, so they will walk them through your dream registry (You can even let us know what gifts you're especially hoping to get, and they can pass that on, so your guests won't have to guess!) Of course, there's no need for them to even come into the store. They can log right onto our website and look at your registry featured under our registries tab and purchase from there. If you want, you can even share the link with them. All registry orders are wrapped in bows and all the trimmings and delivered on a daily basis. 


What will my registry page look like? 

Well, to get an idea, you can look at any of the currently registered couple's pages, which are listed by their names. We will create a custom banner featuring a picture of you, your names, and your special date. Many couples like to share their love story on their page as well. In which case we will interview you and write up a darling version of your story so that your guests can get to know you (or your fiancé) a little better. Beneath that, we'll list your full registry.


What makes New O's Registry so different from big box stores? 

Every time we welcome a new bride, our family expands a little bit. We adore our brides and grooms, and helping them envision a home they will love is our absolute favorite thing. We believe every home needs beautiful and useful basics, so we seek only the very finest products while helping you on your own journey. Neena and Sarah's gracious guidance comes from years of building their own beautiful homes and traditions for their families, along with over 20 years of personalized work in wedding registries. In our meeting, we will talk a lot about what defines your style and what is important to you. These things will then help create the perfect registry. Our brides do not simply receive personalized attention when they are in the store, all the girls at New O get to know their registries by heart, which means every time a guest comes in, we can help them through your registry. If you register for a particular china pattern because it reminds you of your grandmother's, we will know that. If you always dreamed of having a matching set of crystal, we will know that too. This means that when your guests come in (or check out your registry on our site), it's more like spending time with you and less like looking through an overwhelming list. Finally we will top off your gifts with the loveliest bows and deliver them to you as well. 

What is the one item every couple should register for? 

Oooooooh! Don't even get us started on our dream registries! Actually, you can check ours out here: 

But here are our faves. 

Neena: The Perfect White Plate! It's the most important beautiful basic in your home, and one you'll reach for again and again.

Sarah: Cake knife and server -- It will be with you for all of your favorite celebrations.

Holly: The Honeymoon Flip-Flops! They leave cute "just married" stamps everywhere you walk. 

Sophie: A Reed & Barton Frame to display your favorite snapshot of the day. 

Anna: Cute dessert plates! Not only are they awesome for the leftover wedding cake, but they'll make you happy every time you look in your cupboard or set the table.