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Celebrating August 10,  2024
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How did you meet? We met at a party in Washington, D.C. 

When did you start dating? A few weeks after said party and a motorcycle ride later, Caelan was hooked but Jaylee was harder to convince (6 months of convincing!). The official answer is April 2023 ;) 

How did he propose? Caelan proposed in Hawaii while celebrating Christmas with Jaylee’s family. 

First kiss? Our first kiss was after an all-nighter spent dancing in D.C.! 

Wedding date: We will be getting married June 6, 2024 and are so excited to celebrate with everyone at our reception on August 10, 2024.  

Wedding colors and style: Navy blue and pink - Jaylee’s favorite colors! 

Your favorite part about registering at New O?  Ever since Jaylee worked at New O as a young college student, she’s dreamt of being a New O Bride. Dreams do come true! :) 


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