Collection: Olivia White & Michael Wallis

June 18th, 2024
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How did you meet? We met in the 7th grade at swim team and became fast friends! 

When did you start dating? We started dating as soon as we both were 16! The transition from best friends to more than friends took a couple of months. 

How did he propose? Michael proposed in Memory Grove park, which we frequently visit. It has always been a favorite place of mine because my middle name is Memory, after my grandmother. One day after class, he took me to this park and surprised me with a proposal! He had placed candles and roses along a short path as we talked about our favorite, “memories” and the ones we look forward to making in the future! 

First kiss? Our first kiss happened right after a big swim meet! I had driven us both home and as he got out of the car I decided to kiss him on the cheek! (We were still in the friend zone and I was tired of waiting) He looked at me and said, “You missed,” and leaned in to finally kiss me! 
Wedding colors and style: warm neutrals (cream, champagne, blush) and the style is very elegant and timeless. 

Favorite part about registering with New O? The beautiful products, kind staff, and the way they have taken so much weight of my shoulders with their amazing knowledge and incredible experience. 
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