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Words for the Wise

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Pep talks are always nice. We prefer to carry ours around as stylish accessories.
True Friends... Tray
We're fresh out. More on the way!
"True friends are like diamonds. Bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style." Glass tray with gold foil 7" x 5"
Though she be but little... Tray
$ 18.95
"Though she be but little she is fierce" -William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream  Glass tray with gold foil 5" x 5"  
My Dog winks at me sometimes...
We're fresh out. More on the way!
The true dog lovers know that of course, their puppies are speaking to them in code.  Metal 5" x 12"
Beautiful Pouch
$ 19.95
Now this one's a real beaut. From the gold detailing that shines in the light to the bright red-orange, we're crazy about this bag. The only question is, what to put in it? The jewels? The makeup? Phone? All of the above? We're in love. 9"x7" One of our all-time...
Darling Pouch
$ 19.95
The most adorable petite bag for the most adorable people. Toss this in your purse as a makeup bag, or use as a stand-alone casual clutch, this bag does and says it all... "Be Darling". Did we say we're obsessed yet? We're obsessed.  9" x 7" 
Let's Makeup Pouch
$ 19.95
Hello, darling. Pucker up and put your best face forward with this (beyond) adorable pouch. Perfect for storing makeup faves or any tricks or trinkets you need to make it through your day.  9" by 7"
Hello Beautiful Tray
$ 21.00
What a better place to put your jewelry at the end of the day than a tray that flirts with you? Hello Beautiful.  5.75"x 4" glass
The Prettiest Smile Vase
$ 60.00
This aqua vase with watercolor detailing reminds us of one of our favorite style (and life) icons, Audrey Hepburn, who said that happiest girls are the prettiest. From our curated Kate Spade collection. "A SMILE is the PRETTIEST thing YOU can WEAR" Porcelain 9" Tall
Fairy Tale Tray
We're fresh out. More on the way!
Sometimes life can feel like a fairy tale. Celebrate those special times with this vanity tray. "Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale" - Hans Christian Andersen Porcelain 5.5 " x  6.6" x 1"
All my Love Tray
$ 40.00
Finally a gift that says it all! This red tray adds love, and an eye-catching pop of color, to your decor. From our curated Kate Spade collection. Fine Porcelain Gold Trim  6" Square
Eat Cake for Breakfast Plate
$ 21.95
Because the happiest days start and end with cake and a sparkly drink in a tall glass. Serve with a slice of last night's apple cinnamon cake, a sliver of the darkest chocolate decadence you can get your hands on, or whatever suits your fancy. From our curated Kate Spade Collection....
After My Own Heart Tray
$ 40.00
This one's for the girls that have been after your own heart from day one. You've made it through all the ups and downs side by side. Remind her of all that with this charming tray from our curated Kate Spade collection.  Porcelain 6.75"x5.25"  Bright violet with gold detailing 
Best Day Ever Tray
We're fresh out. More on the way!
Every day is the best day ever when you have this tray on your desk holding your favorite odds and ends. Also makes a great gift.  4.5"x 4.5"
Matching Bicycle Pot and Card
$ 19.95
We think this gift set is perfectly perfect – as a little pick-me up, a birthday present, or a simple package to tell your friend you’re thinking of them. Bicycle pot stands 5"x 5" Card included, blank inside    
Small Album, Big Picture
$ 20.00
OK, OK. We love our iphones. We keep a constant stash of photos of our hubbies, the grandbabies, our best friends, and our latest adventures on them at all times. But in a world of overgramming, what we really love is a look back at what pictures are all about...
Kate Spade Bridal Planner
$ 48.00
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something...who? Don't forget a beloved tradition or lose track of a single detail in this pretty but practical wedding planner. From our curated Kate Spade collection.  "Love is in the air" 48 planning pages Gold 3 ring binder Pocket with gold accents Clear zipper pouch 11...
Weekends Start on Thursdays Photo Album
$ 36.00
Starting the party early is always, always, always a good idea. Put all your pick-me-up photos in one place in this darling album. From our curated Kate Spade collection.  Holds 160 4" x 6" photographs 8 3/8" H x 8 3/8" W  
Busy Busy Busy Clutch
$ 12.95
The perfect travel companion for anyone who's a little overwhelmed, this bag might just have the added benefit of helping you simplify your life. I mean, think about it: Would you ask a favor of someone carrying this bag?  8.25" L, 4" H
Pat on the Back Clutch
$ 14.95
If only the little engine that could had this pouch to celebrate his victory! Walk away from your daily to-dos with this peppy clutch in pink stripe. Perfect to stash your secret-success weapons of choice, be they pencils, lipstick, or perfume. Plastic Zipper close 8"x 4"
Outta Here Luggage Tag
$ 14.95
The perfect luggage tag for all the dreamers whose hearts are always far away. Celebrate those rare days when you’re about to hop a plane and go far, far away.  3" x 4.5"
Knock Their Socks Off Tray
$ 28.95
This charming blue and white tray offers the real secret to success in any field, no matter how challenging: "Be so could they can't ignore you." Even better, the advice comes from Steve Martin, who's so good at everything (hello, comedy sketches, acting, book-writing, and oh, yeah, BLUEGRASS) that we...
Coffee Thermos
$ 21.00
Keep the brew hot and the priorities straight in this thermos. Top off in the morning so you're game for anything, and take a bit of that buzz with you -- after all, it would be a shame to miss out on an adventure.  16 oz.   
Spotlight Journal Set
$ 14.95
A trio of petite and bright journals for the organizer, daydreamer, and doodler who steals the show. A happy pop of color is a good picker-upper any time of day.  "AWESOME MUSINGS", "DREAM BIG" and "TIME TO SHINE 4" X 6" 40 pages each book
Glitter is my Favorite Color Mug
$ 20.00
Your morning cuppa will taste better when it's in this adorable mug. (And did we mention that the lettering is in glitter?) Part of our curated Kate Spade Collection.  porcelain 
Perfect Compliment Pencils
$ 10.95
You're so awesome even your pencils compliment you. Or they will, when you get this set.
Pick Me Up Postcards
$ 10.95
Well, we're in love with these. This little book of ombré postcards is here to tell you that you're made of stardust, and you're killing it. Made with pure bottled rainbow magic, it's perfect for sending shoutouts to friend or, um, papering your cubicle with cheery love.  4 in. x...
Have Diploma. Will Travel.
$ 5.25
Isn't this everyone's dream resumé? The perfect card for your brilliant graduate. From our curated Kate Spade collection.
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