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July 20th, 2024
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Where did you meet? Our families actually used to carpool together in elementary school, but we never really talked much. After that, our paths didn't cross again until the summer of 2021, when we both moved to Boston for work/school! We met through mutual friends and the YSA ward in Boston! 

When did you start dating? We went on our first date a year after we met, in the summer of 2022. In August, Coulson moved back to Boston to start his senior year at Harvard, and I moved back to California to start my junior year at Stanford. We kept talking, and eventually, he decided to come out and visit me! That weekend was the first time he kissed me and it was also the day we officially started dating -- November 11th <3 Best weekend ever!! 

How did he propose? Coulson proposed to me in his backyard! I was super surprised because I thought we were intitally getting dinner with some of his friends. After he proposed, both of our families surprised us and popped out! It was everything I could have ever wanted -- so so special.

Wedding date: July 20th, 2024!! 

Wedding Colors? Our wedding colors are blues, whites, and some pink! 

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