Collection: Plate of the Month Club

What's the most important piece in your home? We present the plate. Your best friend at breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and cookies in between), plates that make you smile are worth their weight in gold. 

We believe in the Perfect White Plate. Subtle detailing and hard-wearing porcelain or stoneware will see you through your standard weeknight dinner to elegant soirees. 

But we also believe in blue. Lots and lots of blue and white. 

12 plates, 12 months. 

Pick your favorite, and we'll take care of the rest. Every month, you'll open another plate for your collection. The month of your birthday, we'll send your plate for free. The best part is you get to build the china collection of your dreams (and psst, don't see your favorite here? Give us a ring -- we can set up Plate of the Month with any set you fall for). 

Join the Plate of the Month Club and make all your dishes come true. Email info@neworientation or call 801-582-4462

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