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Where did you meet?

Matt and Sophie met in Seattle, WA while both working at Amazon in 2012. Matt was teaching a training to the incoming class of new recruits and fell in love at first sight when he saw Sophie in the audience. He threw a party at his house as an excuse to invite her over and that night asked her to go on three dates with him. The rest is history!

When did you start dating?

September 2012

How did he propose?

Matt had one of their mutual friends distract Sophie during a typical Friday afternoon. With the help of some additional friends, he transformed their apartment into a “walk down memory lane” with posters of each major moment of their 6 years together and dozens of roses, candles, and champagne. At the end of the “walk”, he got on one knee and asked her to create memories together for the rest of their lives.

First kiss?

September 2012

Wedding date:

September 14th, 2019

Wedding colors and style:

We are having our reception outside in La Jolla, California. The style is classic, natural to complement the gorgeous beauty of the area, and festive!

Your favorite part about registering at New O?  

There is nowhere in the world like New O, and Sophie has dreamed about registering there her whole life. The women of New O have a way of making every interaction a celebration and registering there was no exception. The attention to detail, love, and care that everyone there gives every bride is unparalleled - and is an experience Sophie and Matt will never forget.

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