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Where did you meet?

We went to church together for a year when we were four years old then didn’t see each other again until my cousin was dating his sister when we were 17. We briefly met at a family party on Valentine’s day then actually got a chance to talk hiking Mount Timpanogos the following summer. 

When did you start dating? 

In 2016, I left on a mission to Bolivia and he started to email me weekly. Then in 2017 he left on a mission to Canada and so for 32 months our only form of communication was weekly emails. When he returned in December 2018 we finally started to date in person.

How did he propose? 

I warned him that I didn’t want a big proposal so he kept it simple and sweet by driving to a beautiful view of Mount Timpanogos at sunset, kneeling down and asking me to marry him. It was perfect.

Wedding date: 

October 12, 2019

Wedding colors and style:

We have a palette inspired by a sunset over the ocean. Pink and orange are the main colors. I would describe our style as classy and classic, but not uptight. We plan to party hard at both receptions, one in San Diego and one in Salt Lake a week later.

You favorite part about registering at New O?

Sarah and Neena obviously! Their enthusiasm and help. It was a party. I was also relieved and delighted that we went from not knowing what we wanted to feeling confident and excited about our choices.

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