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Where did you meet?

Charlie and I officially met at the Salt Lake Tennis Club pool in 2016, but we have always known of each other and even have a picture together from around 2008!

When did you start dating? 

We started dating in November of 2016! I dated him my entire sophomore year of high school and then sent him on his LDS mission. I wrote to him every week and welcomed him home in August with open arms!!

How did he propose? 

He proposed on the beach in Cabo, Mexico during the prettiest pink sunset! After he led me to a heart made of tropical flowers and candles. He even covered my room in rose petals! It was the best night of my life!

Wedding date

July 30th, 2020

Wedding colors and style: 

Navy Blue and pinks!

Your favorite part about registering at New O?  

I am so glad I registered at New Orientation! They not only have a beautiful selection of Fine China, but also the best employees! Sarah was so friendly and helped create a registry that I know I will love forever!!

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