Collection: Annie Perkins & Drew Goerke

October 21, 2022

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Where did you meet? We met through mutual friends many times over the years before it occurred to either of us that there might be any additional romantic interest. 

When did you start dating? Shortly after a trip to Lake Powell we both came to the realization that our friendship had changed and that we were dating. It was a surprise to many of our friends because we had both spent several weeks adamantly declaring that we were not dating when apparently we actually were dating. 

How did he propose? It only took 13 years, but eventually Drew completely surprised me and proposed while we were on vacation in Iceland.  

Wedding date: October 21, 2022

Wedding colors: Our colors are eucalyptus and navy with accents of gold, lavender, and plum.

Your favorite part about registering at New O? My favorite part about registering was the personalized attention and guidance that made it feel so special. We're so excited about the beautiful gifts here that will become part of our history and traditions! 

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