Drumroll, please. The Plate of the Month Club is here!


Oh darlings. We have the best news.

You know we love plates. A lot. Here at New O, we dream in plates. Dinner plates, dessert plates, party plates. Mostly china plates, but also adorable paper plates and melamine plates and everything in between. 

We believe in making the world beautiful, and we believe in eating with the ones we love. And we also believe that setting the table is the best part of making dinner. 

Of course, our obsession just grows with each passing day, as we build more traditions for our families and loved ones. And we believe your daydreams do the same. 

Which is why we're delighted, thrilled, and tickled pink to announce the launch of our Plate of the Month Club. What is it? It's the best thing since the first tea party. 

You pick your favorite plate set. Dinner plates, party plates, or accent plates (or, if you're truly smitten, any combination of the three). We place the orders. A little monthly payment brings a piece of your 12-piece set to your table, every month. 

When your birthday rolls around, we'll send you your plate that month for free, because we love you that much. 

Check out the Plate of the Month page for a few ideas on some of our favorite sets, or call, shoot us an email, or pop by to join.