Meet the Girls at New Orientation


New O's head treasure-hunter, style guru, owner and founder, Neena delights in creating. Her natural sense for beauty and love make everything and everyone around her bloom. From her greenhouse, to the flowers in her home, to her lovely family, she spends her days making the world prettier and happier, one hydrangea and bow at a time. She believes that beauty belongs everywhere, that every detail matters, and in celebrating even the smallest things in big ways. Her favorite days are spent with her grandchildren on the beach. 



The face of New O, Sarah grew up playing with Neena's boys. In 1984, their hangouts would take them to our soon-to-be-opened store, and Sarah got her first job offer, a few years in advance. She's that good. A few years later, she started in the back, wrapping up pretty packages. She studied Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Utah. This year she'll celebrate her 25th anniversary of working at New O, where she's family to everyone behind the counter, and a dear friend to everyone who walks in the door. She found her perfect match in Robbie,  and she was a New O bride in 2012, walking down the aisle under a canopy of changing oak leaves on a September day in Millcreek Canyon. Today, she's the right-hand woman who makes everything at New O go smooth as silk. Stop by our store, and you're sure to see her working her magic. 



New O's resident tech specialist, and all around wonder-woman, Holly fell in love with the store when she was a Freshman in college, when she would step away from the world of studying Parks and Recreation in the afternoons and come to our Salt Lake Store and tie the most perfect of perfect bows. (Seriously, you've got to see them.) She also fell hard for the china that graces the shelves and would sometimes daydream about which sets she would register for when she met The One. She married Greg, the love of her life, in 2012 and was a New O bride. Today she spends most of her days with her adorable son Hudson, an absolute angel who we're tempted to steal away. In between times, she saves the rest of us with her tech expertise, managing New O's Shoptiques and website accounts. She loves every minute. 


The voice of New O, Anna has been in love with teacups since her ninth birthday party, which was a fairy tea hosted in the garden. She started working at New O in high school, where she delighted in spending her afternoons polishing china. She studied English, French, and German at the University of Utah. In 2015, she re-met and married her preschool sweetheart, Ben, and was a New O bride. She selected all her favorite teacups for their home and uses them daily. This year, she returned to New O to write web content. She adores spending time each week with her New O family.